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The magical day, you've dreamed of is here!  You are busy, making a lot of decisions.  It's easy to overlook details, like making sure your portraits will stand the test of time.  Less expensive pictures can discolor, fade & smear.  Keep in mind, photography is the only wedding service you depend on for a lifetime. 

Your wedding is worthy of great photography.  Come in for your free, no obligation, wedding consult, you'll be so glad you did.

Availability is limited, Call today  -  (574)522-3938  or  (574)329-4428

Packages include 2 photographers, interchangable unit values are in grey parenthesis.

Mini Package 
Engmt Shoot & 2, 5x7s (1)
1 hr coverage & travel (3.5)
20 pics w/retouching (2)
20, 8x8s in hardcover (5.5)
1, 8x10 dry mount portrait (1)
 $702.00 (13 units at 54 ea)
not applicable with other offers



Bronze Package 
Engmt shoot & Engmt Pkg #1 (3)
3 hrs wedding coverage (10.5)
50 images on contact sheets (2)
50 images w/retouching (5)
1, 5x7 print (.5)
5x7 gilded album w/20 favs (10)
 $1488.00  (31 units at 48 ea)



Silver Package

Engmt Shoot & Portrait Pkg #1 (3)

2 newspaper anncmts & portraits (1)

4 hrs wedding coverage (14)

100 images w/retouching (10)

8x10 gilded album w/20 favs (19)

100 previews in coffee table book (5)

Sharing & ordering website (2*)

 $2376.00 (54 units at 44 ea)  


The Gold Package

Engmt shoot & Portrait Pkg #2 (7)

2 newspaper anncmts & portraits (1)

6 hrs wedding coverage (21)

Dvd production,extra retouching (10)

24kt Wedding Day Dvd, 5 songs (25)

Premium sharing/ordering website (3*)

150 images w/retouching (15)

150 preview in a hard cover book (7)

1, 8x10 dry mount portrait (1)

10x10 album,24 mats,12 half pans (25)

 $3910.00 (115 units at 34 ea) 



Complete Childhood Slideshow w/pkg (enhanced and restored images)  

Wedding Day Copyrights, Edited CD-Rom Disc without package   

Wedding Day Copyrights added to your package 

1, 24 x 30 canvas wall portrait, with or without brushstrokes      

1, 20 x 24 wall portrait, with or without brushstrokes 

1, 16x20 canvas wall portrait  

1, 16x20 dry mount portrait     

1, 11 x 14 canvas wall portrait                                                              

1, 11x14 dry mount portrait 

1, 8x10 dry mount portrait

10 - 15, Same/Bulk 8x10 Prints (shiping/handling to ea address, add $5 ea   

16 - 20, Same 8x10 Prints                                                                           

21 - 30, Same 8x10 Prints                                                                          

31 or more, Same 8x10 Prints                                                                 

1, 5x7 cardstock mount portrait                                                                  

10 - 15, Same 5x7 Prints (shipping/handling to have shipped to address, add $10 per address)             

16 - 20, Same 5x7 Prints  

31 or more, Same 5x7 Prints                                                                           

1, 4x6 or 4x5 cardstock mount portrait

10 - 15, Same 4x6 or 4x5 Prints (shipping/handling to ea address, add $5 ea)      

16 - 20, Same 4x6 or 4x5 Prints  21 or more, Same 4x6 or 4x5 Prints                                                        

8, Die-cut Wallets   


   Interchangable Units


1, 8x10  =  1 Unit

1, 10x13  =  3 Units

1, 20x24  =  12 Units

2, 5x7s  =  1 Unit

1, 10x10  =  3 Units

1, 24x30 = 15 Units

3, 4x6s  =  1 Unit

1, 11x14  =  4 Units

1, 8x10 Albm = 25 Units

2, 5x5s  =  1 Unit

1, 14x14  =  4 Units

1, 5x7 Albm = 17 Units

4, 3x5s  =  1 Unit

1, 16x20  =  8 Units

1, 4x5/4x6 Albm = 11 Units 

3, 4x5s  =  1 Unit

1, 18x22  =  9 Units 

1, Original Dvd = 35 Units 

8 Wallets = 1 Unit

Canvas Upgd = 3 Units

1, Dvd Copy = 3 Units



 Call the studio with questions or to schedule your free wedding consultation appointment, 574-522-3938 or 574-329-4428.  Examples of all albums and individual items are available.  Prices and policies are subject to change.  In most cases, travel time is prorated at the current hourly rate.  After 1 year, images will be archived and archiving fees will apply.  Online images can be shared with as many family and friends as you wish, at no extra charge.  Viewers will be able to order prints from your website and have them shipped to their address.  Your site will be password protected and available for a limited time.  Demo wedding slideshows can be viewed from our DVD page. A non-refundable retaining fee is required to book your wedding and reserve your date. The remainder is due not later than 2 weeks before the wedding date.  Childhood snapshots can be included in Dvd slideshows.  Complete Childhood Slideshows are also available.  All Discs are housed in leatherette cases and recorded on the best available, 24kt scratch resistant 100 yr. Dvds.  Remember to fill out online consultations for each separate sitting.  They can be submitted from this site.  Or there are copies in your wedding portfolio.       

After wedding day, wait times vary.  Choosing a great wedding photographer, means choosing a photographer that is in demand.  How does that old saying go ... Price, Speed, Quality - Pick 2.  Of course we try to keep customers happy, with fast service.  The difference is, we don't take compromising shortcuts.  We ALWAYS choose quality over fast & cheap.  Fast & cheap photography is another product all together.  We spend whatever time it takes, and use only high quality products.  We work very hard and are happy to update couples when they call.

Wedding Albums - Style, Color, Layout 

We use the finest products available for your wedding portraits and albums.  All books are library bound and sewn together at the spine.  They are leather with gilded edges and carry a lifetime warranty.  You'll have a choice of Black, Pearl, or Burgundy album covers and a choice of Silver, Gold or Black gilded edges.  Each album is custom made to your specifications.  You can choose the photographs, then select the sizes, colors and arrangements of the photos.  Or if you prefer, we'll design your layout for you.  There are 79 layout possiblities for each page side of your album.  We also do coffee table style wedding books.  During your wedding consultation, you will see an actual album and be given several other options.  

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