Portrait Packages, By Artistry In Photography 

We have a fun wardrobe, created to save you time & cash. All units are interchangeable, so your package fits your needs exactly. Take advantage of our online services.  After your shoot, you can do everything from the convenience of your own computer. Share your previews online from your social networking sites. Pick up or we can ship everything, right to your door.


Package 1

1/2 Hr. shoot on 1 versatile set 

Same day previews, ordering & on site printing

2, images to order from

2, 5x7 Card stock mounted portraits

8, Die-cut Wallets

( 2 Units )                                                                                             


Package 2

Up to 60 min shoot on 2 versatile sets

Same day previews, ordering & on site printing

4, images to order from   

3, 8x10 portraits

2, 5x7 Card stock mounted portraits

3, 4x5 or 4x6 Card stock mounted portraits

16, Die-cut portrait wallets

( 7 Units )                                                                                         



Package 3

Up to a 2 Hr. shoot on 3-5 versatile sets, optional outdoor shots

Same day previews, ordering & on site printing

Previews folder & Contact sheets, all DVD images (approx 50) to choose from

1, 11x14 Dry mounted portrait

3, 8x10 Dry mounted portraits

2, 5x7 Card stock mounted portraits

32, Die-cut portrait wallets

1, Heirloom Music Slideshow DVD

( 21 units )                                                                                            


Package 4

Up to a 3 hr. shoot, on 3-5 versatile sets, optional outdoor shots.

Same day previews, ordering & on site printing

Level 1 editing included

Previews folder/Contact sheets of all DVD images (approx 50) to choose from

1, 4x5/6 album, includ 20, 4x5/6 prints 

1, 16x20 Canvas on stretchers w/or without brush strokes

1, 8x10 Dry mounted portraits

4, 5x7 Card stock mounted portraits

16, Die-cut portrait wallets

2, Heirloom Music Slideshow DVDs

( 37 units )                                                                                            


Package 5

Up to a 3 hr. shoot on 4-7 versatile sets, optional outdoor shots

Level 2 editing included

Preview folder/Contact sheets of all dvd images, (approx 50) to choose from

1, Album including 20, 4x5 or 4x6 prints

1, Wallet album including 10 wallet prints

1, 16x20 Canvas on stretchers, w/or without brushstrokes

1, 11x14 Dry mounted portrait

4, 8x10 Dry mounted portraits

5, 5x7 Card stock mounted portraits

3, 4x5/4x6 Card stock mounted portraits

76, Die-cut portrait wallets

3, Heirloom Music Slideshow DVDs

( 55 units )                                                                                     


Package 6

Up to a 4 hr. session on 4-7 versatile sets, optional outdoor shots

Level 3 editing included

Preview folder/Contact sheets of all DVD images, (approx 50) to choose from

1, 20x24 Canvas on stretchers, w/or without brushstrokes

1, Winged Folio, 1-10x10 center mat (your choice arrangement) and 2 wings w/2-4x5s ea

1, 5x7 Album including 20, 5x7s

1, 4x6 Album including 20, 4x6s

1, Wallet Album including 10 wallets

1, 11x14 Dry mounted portrait

4, 8x10 Dry mounted portraits

4, 5x7 Card stock mounted portraits

3, 4x6 Card stock mounted portraits

120 die-cut portrait wallets

4, Heirloom Music Slideshow DVDs

(73 Units )                                                                                    



 Package 7

Editing, processing & optional shipping

5 Hrs sitting on 5-7 versatile sets and optional outdoor shots

Preview folder/Contact sheets of all DVD images, to choose from

1, 24x30 Canvas on stretchers w/or w/out brushstrokes

1, Tri-folio, 3-10x10 mats, any combo of print sizes

1, Wallet Album including 20 prints

1, 4x6 Album including 20 prints

1, 8x10 Album including 20 prints

1, 11x14 Dry mounted prints

8, 8x10 Dry mounted prints

5, 5x7 Card stock mounted prints

3, 4x6 Card stock mounted prints

160 Die-cut portrait wallets

7 Heirloom Music Slideshow DVDs

(122 Units)                                                                       



Interchangeable Units 


  1, 8x10 ............. 1 Unit

  1, 11x14 .......... 4 Units   

  2, 5x7s ............. 1 Unit

  1, 16x20 .......... 9 Units

  3, 4x5/4x6 ........ 1 Unit

  1, 20x24 ......... 12 Units

  4, 3.5x5 ............ 1 Unit   

  1, 24x30 ......... 20 Units

  8 Wallets .......... 1 Unit  

  1, 8x10 Alb .... 24 Units

  16 Mini wallets .. 1 Unit

  1, 5x7 Alb ...... 13 Units

  Winged Folio ... 4 Units

  1, 4x5/6 Alb ... 10 Units 

  Tri-folio .............. 5 Units

  1, Wallet Alb .... 3 Units

  1, DVD Copy .... 2 Units

  1, Orig DVD ...... 9 Units 



 Artistry offers more options

Wardrobe & Props:  Wardrobe, saves you time, money & the hassle of searching for expensive outfits.  A beautiful wardrobe, of the highest quality, is all at your disposal.  Make up & hair is available.  We make sure you have a fun and magical experience.  

Your Shoot:  Time spent on the shoot itself, varies.  Certainly, if you have concerns or a tight schedule, let us know. 

Levels of Editing: Editing is the magic that sets us apart.  We keep costs low, because we also want your portraits to be extraordinary. After all, our name is on them.

Level 1 - Minimal, lighting, contrast and cropping                                                                   Level 2 - Some smoothing, minimal enhancements                                                                Level 3 - All images on this website, effects & enhancements                     

Individual Portrait Package Items

1/2 Hr, requested session or travel time                               

1 Hr, requested session or travel time                                           

2 Previews or 2 additional previews                                                                                         4 Previews or 4 additional previews                                   

Econo Flush mount wallets album(10 sides, no prints)           

Heirloom quality wallet album(no prints)                               

Heirloom quality wallet album including 10 prints                                                               Leather Album, 3.5x5, 4x5, 4x6 or 5x5, w/out prints          

Leather Winged Folio, 1-10x10 mat, 2-wings w/4-4x5s       

Leather Tri-folio, 3-10x10 mats (any combo of sizes up to 12 prints)     

Gilded, Leather Album w/mats (includes 20,4x5 or 4x6 prints)            

Gilded Leather Album of 20, 5x7 matted prints                    

Gilded Leather Album of 20, 8x10 matted prints                

1st Music slideshow DVD (original copy, w/pkg purchase)                         

Additional DVD copies                                                                                                        Childhood images restored & added to DVD slideshow        

Restored disc,prints of child images,2 copies, per person         

All Childhood DVD, w/all restored child pics (w/out pkg purchase)     

All Childhood DVD, added (w/pkg purchase)                                            

2nd restored DVD song (w/out pkg purchase)                                                                                           3rd restored DVD song                                                                        

4th restored DVD song                                                        

5th restored DVD song                                                         

Copyrights, 1 image (edited to disc-b/w,sep,color, in jpeg,tif,gif)                                                                             Additional discs/copies of copywritten or restored images     

2 Images restored to disc                                                                                                           3 Images restored to disc                                                    

Online transfer of 1 released image, to a 3rd party                 

Copyrights, all pkg 1, 2 or 3 previews, edited on disc          

Copyrights, all pkg 4, 5 or 6 previews, edited on disc          

1, 24 x 30 canvas wall portrait, with or w/out bshstrokes                                                         1, 20 x 24 canvas wall portrait, with or w/out bshstrokes    

1, 16 x 20 canvas wall portrait                                             

1, 16 x 20 dry mount portrait                                               

1, 11 x 14 dry mount portrait                                              

1, 8 x 10 dry mount portrait                                                 

1, 5 x 7 dry mount portrait                                                    

1, 4 x 6, 4x5 or 3.5x5 cardstock mount portrait                    

8 Die-cut portrait wallets                                                      

Canvas upgrade (from dry mount) on 11x14 or 16x20                   

Canvas upgrade (from dry mount) on 20x24 or 24x30                  

12 Months of Online Dvd Sharing                                          

 50% Rush                                                                         

100% Rush                                                                       

200% Rush                                                                       

Additional services available.

Fairytales-  Your child plays their favorite parts. We illustrate your story, using names of your children. The entire book will be published with a hard cover and book jacket.    

Nursery Rhymes- Your child plays the character in the story. We illustrate your story, using names of your children.

Nursery Rhyme Packages:

Choose from "Jack-n-Jill", "Little Miss Muffet", "Little Bo Peep", "Little Jack Horner", "Mary Had a Little Lamb", Others available upon request. Some scenes are seasonal.

Package 1

3- 8x10 prints in a sequential series of the same nursery ryhme or 1 scene from each of 3 seperate nursery rhymes.

*A variation would be: 1, 8x10 of Little Bo Peep looking for her sheep, 1, 8x10 of Little Jack Horner in the corner eatig his pie, and 1, 8x10 of Jack-n-Jill going up the hill   or  1, 8x10 of Jack-N-Jill going up the hill, 1, 8x10 starting to roll down the hill, 1, 8x10 after they reach the bottom of the hill. 

Package 2

 A 10 page, hard cover, bound book of 5 nursery rhyme pages of your child in character, a title page, and 5 pages of nursery rhyme text for each scene.

*A variation would be a title page- starring (your child's name) page 1 is the text for "Little Miss Muffet" and page 2 is a photo of your child as Miss muffet. Page 3 is a photo of Lamb following "Mary" and page 4 is the text for  "Mary Had a Little Lamb", ect.

**Your Favorite picture is made into a 8x10 print for your wall.

Package 3

A 22 page, hardcover, bound book of 3 nursery rhyme pages with illustration pages and 2 short stories each with 4 pages of story text and 4 page of illustrations.

*A variation would be title page, page 1- "Little Bo Peep" text  and page 2 a picture of your child as "Little Bo Peep", page 3 a title page with a picture and text for "The Princess and the Pea", page 4 the text beginning of the story ect, plus  3- 8x10's for your wall and 40 wallets (of 8 units)   

**can be done in 2 sittings or accumulated over several.



You're The Photographer Services  Your images or event edited, enhanced and professionally printed as you choose.  Estimated price agreed upon prior, per hour.  See Wedding and Senior Portrait pricing for those services.

Photo Restoration Services  Old images restored to archival disc -  We'll take those old shoe boxes full of deteriorating pictures, restore, repair, enhance, preserve and organize them.  Special edits and unique requests are all included.  Any of our printing services are available for restored images.  Image copyrights are released to you for unlimited use.  Estimated price agreed upon prior, per hour.

Bulk Pricing (large quantities of all the same, 8x10 prints or the equivalent)

     10 - 39, Card stock mounted 8x10s, mailed to each address                                                   40 - 79, Card stock mounted 8x10s, mailed to each address        

     80 - 149, Card stock mounted 8x10s, mailed to each address       

   150 or more, Card stock mounted 8x10s, mailed to each address  

Greeting Card, Announcement & Invitation Prints (3x5, 4x5 & 4x6)

    10-24 prints    - without card purchase                                           

                            - with card purchase                                              

    25 +                 - without card purchase                                         

                              - with card purchase                                                                            Ready-To-Mail (card,w/picture,in envelope,w/appropriate stamp, 10 minimum )                 

Slimline Prints Complete (includes custom side design, envelopes & text) 

    10-24 Slimline prints, 3.5x7 size                                                   

                                     5x7 size                                                     

   25 + Slimline prints, 3.5x7 size                                                    

                                     5x7 size                                                                                                  Custom design (other than templates,35 min)                                

Custom Note Cards (prints & text are printed into the design , includes envelopes)

  4x5 card size                                                                                                                             5x7 card size                                                                               

Photo Insert Cards (price includes envelope, does not include prints)

    Wallets Thank You Cards                                                              

    Cards without foil & embossing (samples @ studio)                                     

    Cards with foil &/or embossing                                                       

    Cards with foil &/or embossing & Christmas Music CD                                                      

             Extended Family Packages                                                       Extended Family Packages include a FREE Original DVD Slideshow, making copies available for much less.  Ext. Family Packages are made up of multiple Portrait Package #2s (9 units,4 previews, see above).  Individual families have the option of upgrading to Portrait Package #3(24 units, individual family DVD w/all DVD images to choose prints from) Family reunions, parties and holidays are great times to do an Extended Family Package.  We can come to you, you can come to us, or both.  Individual family appointments are scheduled at the studio, within the same week.  On-line consultation forms should be submitted for each individual family.  1 family representative should include a brief explanation of the "family tree". These information sheets are important in the planning process and necessary to avoid confusion.  You will find the consultations in the tabs, on the left side of your screen.  Also, see the Discount Plans page.  There may be plans that are more economical for your combination of people.  Keep in mind, you may want 1 of your individual packages to be used for your large group sitting.  Grandmas and Grandpas are adorable in their own sittings as well.  Don't worry about remembering all this, we'll remind you of everything as we go.  

Extended Family Package A - 4 separate Portrait Package #2s + DVD,                                                                                       

Extended Family Package B - 5 separate Portrait Package #2s w/5% discount + DVD                                                                                         

Extended Family Package C - 6 separate Portrait Package #2s w/6% discount + DVD                                                                           

Extended Family Package D - 7 separate Portrait Package #2s w/7% discount + DVD                                                                                          

Extended Family Package E - 8 separate Portrait Package #2s w/8% discount + DVD                                                                                         

Extended Family Package F - 9 separate Portrait Package #2s w/9% discount + DVD                                                                                                                         Extended Family Package G - 10 separate Portrait Package #2s w/10% discount + DVD                                                                                                 

 *Prices and policies are subject to change, until booking your appointment.  Portrait Package pricing is used for: Engagement, Maternity, Newborn, Child, Family, Individual, Couple, Executive, Promotional, Pet, Bulk, and Greeting Card portraits.  Save big on Extended Family Portrait Packages, also available here.  Our new Fairy Tales & Nursery Rhymes packages are also here.  Wedding, Team/Class and Senior portraits require different services.  Those services can be found in the tabs to the left.  Dvds are of the best possible archive quality, protected by disc skin technology. See actual dvd slideshows by clicking the "Dvd Slideshows" tab.  One sitting can be used for multiple types of groups, ie; individual children and/or siblings and/or family portraits, etc.  50% is paid before the sitting with the remaining balance due by pick up.  Packages can be upgraded or downgraded after the shoot.  All portraits carry a money-back guarantee.  Some images require specifically a 4x5 or 4x6, but is not formatted for both.  We interchange similar sizes as necessary.  We crop only to standard sizes.  We use the highest quality papers, equipment and services available on all Portrait Package prints, except Greeting Card prints.  There is no extra charge for location shots at our locations.  Studio and location shots are taken during the same session.  Earth tones look best outdoors.  After booking your appointment, please fill out and submit the online consultation.  We follow it closely.  The online consultation is submitted from this site.  Units can be exchanged in half units.  Unit values are based mostly on equivalent pricing.  Labor is also considered.  Labor, planning and wardrobe are not exchangeable or included in package units totals.  Please look over the FAQs page, on this website, before your session.  All prices and policies are subject to change.  Prices are 20% higher when ordering more than 6mths after receiving your proofs.  Rush orders are completed in overtime hours and have no effect on other orders.  All portrait package prints are archive coated and will not discolor with time.  All prints, except wallets, are mounted on a dry mount backing or cardstock frames.  Gift Certificates are available in any amount.  Framing is also available.  Bulk Pricing is used most often for event photography and may include a location fee. Entire books can not be made with all the characters, for full books choose from; Cinderella, Alice In Wonderland, Three Bears, or Little Red Riding Hood. See the Event Packages page for team, school and group photography.  Call 574-522-3938 with questions or to schedule an appointment .

I'm excited to see my pictures, how long is the wait?                              High quality photography and editing is commissioned artwork. Each portrait requires different types of editing and whatever time necessary to complete.  Quality is our first priority.  We create a different product than you might find at a department store studio, where speed and mass production is the first priority.  It is important customers understand, there will be wait time.  Wait times vary, depending on our workload.  Naturally, people wonder what is causing the wait.  After your sitting, your images "get in line" and work their way to the front.  We are usually working on a separate line up of 5-10 weddings, 3 or so in the present, all in different stages.  The weddings line up is "woven" into the line of all other sittings.  There are far too many variables to commit to a solid date of completion.  The wait time after a Portrait Package sitting is usually 3- 6 weeks, but can be less or more.  We are growing quickly and constantly changing.  We have several new employees, some in training.  Awesome new services are being developed, often new prints and free technology upgrades come to you as a result.  Using the newest computers, drives, digitals, calibrating, uploading, burning, copying, networks, softwares, labs and developing, videography equipment, scanning, printing, etc, will by nature, present technical difficulties.  Getting out from behind the camera can also be a challenge.  With the size of our image files(quality) and the number of images we shoot(quality), sorting and archiving images from a wedding can take weeks. We archive all images, at least twice and store them for you indefinitely.  During busier times, like summer and Christmas, our labs and vendors are also swamped, 2 and 3 print reorders are not uncommon in keeping standards high, multiple incoming and outgoing shipments are a normal part of each order, we do our share of waiting also.  Know that we are working hard and will spend whatever time necessary to make your images beautiful.  Most of our customers are very patient and we do appreciate that.  We guarantee it will be worth the wait. 

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