DVD shows

Let Us Tell Your Story.   Our edited videography is a unique service.  Instead of an unretouched video stream, edited images are dramatized with power statements and special effects.  We include your favorite black and whites, sepia tones, spot colored and color images.  We capture the magic of your day in a style suited to you.  Wedding Dvds average 5 special songs, usually categorized:  "Guys Before the Ceremony" , "Girls Before the Ceremony", "The Ceremony", "After the Ceremony", "The Reception".   Each song has 45 -100 beautifully edited images.  Your show is personalized with captions, menus, title pages, zooms, timing, transitions and layers.

In short, it's all the beauty of your special day, in fairytale form.                     

 LEGACY Dvd Slideshows


 You may be offered free reader software so your computer can read video code.

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